DiBaldo '721' Vermouth Rosso


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The absolute peak of artisan red Vermouth. Based on the premium, organic base wines of Tenuta Saiano (who house Baldo's 'olfactory lab') this is an aromatic artwork. It is extremely versatile, being used across Italy's top Michelin starred restaurants both in the kitchen (read Osteria Francescana) and behind the bar.

For the ultimate Americano:
30ml '721'
30ml 'Un Bitter'
1 large ice block
Top with the best soda you can find

Add about 10ml of either DiBaldo gin and you've got a brain washing Negroni...wow.

DiBaldo operates out of an olfactory lab above Tenuta Saiano, an organic farm and winery, outside Rimini in Emilia-Romagna. Having left an industry overrun by artificial aromats, Baldo is taking aroma back to its natural roots, cataloguing 10s of thousands of the world’s most desirable fragrances. He works in silence, applying his knowledge of perfumery to the creation of an exceptional suite of ‘Essenze’ (essences) of aromatic intensity and purity - the raw and natural in a world of manufactured vermouths and bitters. Indeed, no caramel colouring, burnt sugars or other chemical additives are used. Baldo was initiated as a Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere (Master of the Arts and Trades) in 2020, under the Gastronomy and Wine Bartending category, joining an elite collection of Italian tradespeople and artists. Whether a chef or bartender, these ‘essenze’ are the ultimate tool - just a drop will take your creations to a new level.

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