About Mountain & Row

As lovers of Nebbiolo and fine, mostly Alpine influenced wines from not just Italy but the World over including locally, we strive to connect you with little known regions, grape varieties and styles that are crafted by dedicated artisan producers - but we've definitely got your juicy midweekies covered too!

Family owned grower/producers are at the forefront of our selection and are those upholding tradition, guarding against the internationalisation of grape growing and wine production. Not surprisingly Italy is a focus but we're not just an Italian wine website, with Piedmont and its bordering regions foremost in our minds of course. However, we revel in the search for hidden forest vineyards, single hectare rarities and grape varieties you’ve never heard of across the world and locally right here in Australia.

Our suppliers are Australia’s best, hands on importers who specialise in high quality wines of place. Sustainability and organically oriented agricultural practices are a given across the range but not as a function of wine-making fashion. We endeavour to avoid the word ‘natural’ when it comes to wine, as it is very much a product of human intervention.

We’re thrilled that you’re joining us on the journey so get amongst our introductory wine and spirit packs and enjoy!

Sourced from the Worlds Best Regions:

The regions we source our wines and spirits from are far & wide, the World over.

Some of our favourite regions are Northern Italian red wine, local rare finds by little known regions locally, Piedmont, Castiglione, Falleto, Neive, Boca, Lessona, Gattinara, Ghemme, Bramaterra, Serralunga, Milan, Turin and the list doesn't stop there. 

Explore our vast collection of Alpine & Italian wine and drinks store for many more delicious drinks from the worlds best regions.