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Valtellina Wine


Valtellina is an almost entirely Nebbiolo based wine region where the grape is known as Chiavennasca. Vine are planted to the south face of the Alps below Switzerland and the 

Valtellina wines are red fruited and pretty with very elegant tannin profiles.

Valtellina wines offer incredible value for lovers of Barolo and long ageing.


You’ll Love Valtellina Wine Too


We have searched far and wide to bring you the best expressions of Valtellina wine, so that you can experience Valtellina wines in all their glory. Valtellina is an affordable Barolo and long ageing wine lovers option, and super delightful. 

Our suppliers are Australia’s best, hands on Valtellina importers who specialise in high quality wines of place. So join us for some fine Valtellina wines and enjoy!