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DiBaldo Spirits


Alchemist, perfumer, nose and revolutionary liquorist, Baldo Baldinini is quietly and humbly redefining the world of gin and aromatised wines, specifically vermouth and bitters/amaro. He has set the bar so high that it’s near impossible for anyone to rival his creations. 


Baldo’s ‘essenze’ are based on the world’s purest inputs, sourced from the high-end perfumery market and hand-extracted in house. His dedication to aroma has been unwavering throughout his life – he even has a secret lab (read: aroma bank) of tens of thousands of herbs, spices, barks, plants, flowers and roots. 


His use of an extremely pure, ultra-high-quality base spirit, is one of the reasons behind his success, and something notoriously absent in many brands populating back bars everywhere. On top of this he skilfully weaves aromatics. No single element overpowers another. There is no aromatic elbowing, no competition between players, no irritating noise – just high-intensity harmony between every chord in the symphony within your glass. The gins rocket through any tonic they touch, essential oils releasing in the glass. To add a garnish would be to add insult.