Gattinara DOCG

Province of Vercelli / created as DOC in 1967, changed to DOCG 1990

Vineyard Area (2020):

Approx. 100 hectares between the limits of 250-550 metres above sea level. 


Iron rich, red volcanic porphyry mixed with sedimentary rock and granite.


Minimum 90% Nebbiolo; 10% Uva Rara (Bonarda di Gattinara), maximum 4% Vespolina for a total of maximum 10% together.


35 months total with 24 in wood. Riserva 47 months with 36 in wood 

Gattinara is the most significant appellation in modern Alto Piemonte and is based around a single, south facing hillside above the town. Vineyards sit directly on the site of a 280 million year old supervolcano, whose remnants were revealed after the formation of the Alps about 30 million years ago. Although it is the largest sub-zone of Alto Piemonte, it only measures in at 100 hectares (compare that to over 3,500 in our own Yarra Valley). Aging requirements are the same as those for Barolo: 3 years, with at least two of those in wood.


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