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"Manni Nössing is one of Italy’s most talented winemakers. In fact, all his wines are so good that it’s virtually impossible to pick the best of the lot, or even a favorite..." 
- Ian d'Agata, Vinous.


Manni began his project in 2000 after deciding to stop selling his grapes to the local cooperative. He has no formal wine training but is from a long line of farmers who respect their terroir and represent it authentically. His five-hectares of vines sit between 650 and 800 metres in the Valle Isarco/Eisacktal Valley, a dazzling corner of Alto Adige (formerly Austria) that is capable of crystalline, aromatic white wine. All varieties are vinified in steel followed by eight months on lees where texture is developed. 

These sought-after wines are made in very small volumes with Australia receiving just a few hundred bottle allocation of each. They are on offer this January for 20% or until our tiny stocks run out!

Manni Nössing’s 2021s are intense, to say the least. The house style of crystalline, mineral-focused, restrained wines has combined beautifully with the vintage's intense ripe fruit and zesty acidity. Nössing has packed all of the character and balance into these wines we’ve come to expect. They may not be as long-lived as his best vintages, but I expect them to run rings around the majority of wines from the region for some time.


Please see here for detailed reading on Manni's gorgeous wines.