DiBaldo 'Au 79' Gold Saffron Gin 500ml


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The most epic, transcendent gin ever made. With high-grade, Iranian saffron sourced on the perfumery market, Baldo has taken the world's most expensive spice and wrought it into a mind-boggling, aromatically dazzling beverage.

This is a rarity made in tiny volumes, do not miss out.

"Beautifully floral, with inviting herbal tones of fresh pine, thyme and gentian. Wonderful, bold lemon citrus flavours sit alongside attractive notes of saffron, marigold and buttercup. The mouthfeel is soft and indulgent; the finish, lingering, with a bitter lemon twist." IWSC


  • Neat on ice, no garnish (they show best with mineral water or a splash of light tonic). Sip like a whiskey.
  • In a 1:5 ratio gin & tonic with neutral tonic and no garnish. A B'n'T (Baldo & Tonic), if you like.
  • As an incredible, pure martini - no vermouth required. Stir with ice and strain into a martini glass.
  • In small amounts as an X factor in other cocktails.


Alchemist, perfumer, nose and revolutionary liquorist, Baldo Baldinini is quietly and humbly redefining the world of gin and aromatised wines, specifically vermouth and bitters/amaro. He has set the bar so high that it’s near impossible for anyone to rival his creations. 

Baldo’s lab and home are in Rimini, on the Adriatic coast in the southeastern corner of greater Emilia-Romagna. He receives guests at the ‘Olfattorio’, an intriguing Aladdin’s cave of tinctures and history within Tenuta Saiano, an organic farm deep in the countryside. 

Baldo’s ‘essenze’ are based on the world’s purest inputs, sourced from the high-end perfumery market and hand-extracted in house. His dedication to aroma has been unwavering throughout his life – he even has a secret lab (read: aroma bank) of tens of thousands of herbs, spices, barks, plants, flowers and roots. 

His use of an extremely pure, ultra-high-quality base spirit, is one of the reasons behind his success, and something notoriously absent in many brands populating back bars everywhere. On top of this he skilfully weaves aromatics. No single element overpowers another. There is no aromatic elbowing, no competition between players, no irritating noise – just high-intensity harmony between every chord in the symphony within your glass. The gins rocket through any tonic they touch, essential oils releasing in the glass. To add a garnish would be to add insult. 

Baldo was initiated as a Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere (Master of the Arts and Trades) in 2020, under the Gastronomy and Wine Bartending category, joining an elite collection of Italian tradespeople and artists. His main clients are both Massimo Bottura (Osteria La Francescana, Modena) and Cristiano Tomei (L’Imbuto, Lucca) with whom he consults, developing dishes and crafting essences. Whether a chef or bartender, these ‘essenze’ are the ultimate tool - just a drop will take your creations to a new level.

Only the very finest perfumery market ingredients are used. 
DiBaldo does not use chemical additives, artificial colourings, caramel or burnt sugars.