Cave Mont Blanc 'Vini Estremi' Blanc de Morgex et la Salle DOC 2020


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Harvested at the highest vineyards in the region, at 1200m, this is a rare beauty in the pantheon of European white wine. The grape is Prié Blanc, the only native white grape of Valle d'Aosta, growing on the lower slopes of Mont Blanc. Although it is just 11% alcohol, the wine is concentrated and powerfully alive. Stone fruit, mountain herbs and a puff of white flowers - this is a wine of piercing clarity. Mineral with a salty suggestion and bitter almond, the wine enlivens the palate with laser like acidity. So fresh, so detailed. The perfect alpine white wine!

"The undeniably pretty, Vini Estremi wafts up with a delicate yet irresistible bouquet, as raw honey accentuates notes of lemon oil, white flowers and flinty crushed stone. It’s soft-textured and mineral in style, with subtle notes of Granny Smith apple and sour melon..."the palate crisp while resonating on an impression of liquid stone. Wow, what a unique yet highly enjoyable wine. The Vini Estremi is produced using the Blanc de Morgex biotype of Prié Blanc." Eric Guido, Vinous.