Valli Ossolane DOC

Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola / created 2009

Vineyard Area (2020):

Approx. 14 hectares between the limits of 160 -1000 metres above sea level.


Compressed granite and glacial schist, silt and clay


Valli Ossolane Rosso requires a minimum 60% Nebbiolo/Croatina/Merlot

Valli Ossolane Superiore requires 85% minimum of the listed grape variety e.g. Nebbiolo.


Valli Ossolane Superiore wines require a minimum 13 months with 6 in wood.

Situated around the same latitude as Valtellina, Val d’Ossola is Piedmont’s northernmost valley. Here an ancient Nebbiolo biotype, Prünent, forms the basis of vertical, elegant and ethereal wines. Its bunches are tighter and more cylindrical than other variants of Nebbiolo, and the first recorded reference to it is in 1309. Viticultural land, like many deep Alpine areas, is a patchwork of little plots clinging to hills and rock terraces, often found grown using a pergola technique that we recognise from Carema DOC. The region was awarded the Valli Ossolane DOC qualification in just 2009 but this belies the ancient winemaking history of the region. 


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