Lessona DOC

Province of Biella / created 1976

Vineyard Area (2020):

Approx. 25 hectares between the limits of 200-500 metres above sea level.


Sandy, mineral-rich (iron and manganese), marine. Extremely acidic.


85-100% Nebbiolo, up to 15% combined of Uva Rara (Bonarda Novarese) and/or Vespolina.


 22 months total with 12 months in wood. Riserva 46 months with 30 in wood.

Lessona is a tiny, unique appellation producing perhaps the most elegant wines in Alto Piemonte. Pliocene era marine sands contribute heavily to its unique soil composition and with pHs of 4.0/4.5 they are among the most acidic soils dedicated to viticulture in the world. Beneficially these sandy soils drain freely, as rainfall here is amongst the highest of Alto Piemonte. Out of about 200 hectares in the late 1800s, only 40 odd hectares remain today. Wines from this area were world renowned and exported to the US during their peak in the 19th century. 


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