Pafritas 'Sal Marina' Sea Salt Chips 140g


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The ultimate starting place for Pafritas excellence. Fried in virgin olive oil and sprinkled with one per cent Mediterranean sea salt, these are the baseline for the Pafritas range. Anything but a ‘plain’ crisp.

Established in 1994 by three brothers and their father in Rioja, Pafritas stands out by frying Spanish potatoes in 100% virgin olive oil from a nearby estate in Quel and sprinkling them with 1% Mediterranean sea salt from Alicante. Together, they have perfected Spain’s humble tradition of potato crisps.

Pafritas works with exceptional suppliers and traces the origins of all their ingredients. With the addition of gourmet PDO-protected pepper seasoning and even winter black truffles, they are the world’s benchmark for patatas fritas. The choice to fry in top-grade virgin olive oil results in an undeniably lighter, crispier, all-natural snack.