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Exceptional Fine Wines


When you think of fine wines, do you think of exceptional wines and fine wine easy to find online? Do you think of wines made from the highest quality grapes grown in the world’s best vineyards, and by the most acclaimed winemakers? Do you think of expensive wines with “blue chip” status like Burgundy and Grand Cru? 

However, here at Mountain Wines, we believe that fine wine drinkers are the ones who know what’s best, not expert sommeliers. Thanks to the internet and Vivino’s Wine Style Awards, which have taken place since 2016 - 2020, wine drinkers from around the world can recommend the world’s finest wines. Based on Vivino’s cumulative 120 million ratings and 40 million reviews on their wine app and website, we can see which wines are currently the top-rated wines in the world. 

The best thing about the Vivino Wine Style Awards is that every fine wine maker in the world has the opportunity to compete, which levels out the playing field. The awards have revealed amazing gems and fascinating consumer preferences and even introduced lesser-known Pinot Noirs from Tasmania.

Vivino online uses a five-point scale as opposed to a traditional 100-point scoring system. A 4.0 Vivino rating corresponds to a 90-point rating (on a 100-point scale). All reviews must match with customer scans. That is to say, if a bottle of wine has more reviews than purchases, that sets off a data manipulation alarm. Vivino’s data and intelligence team investigates every cause of review surges. 

The exhaustive list highlights several key groupings, including the best sparkling wines, reds, whites, plus wines based on different styles and countries of origin. Consumers know best! 

We stock many of the Worlds finest wines right here, take a look at our collection. 


We Love Fine Wines


Here at Mountain Wines, we love fine wines, especially those from alpine regions. We have searched far and wide to find the best fine wines, so all you have to do is enjoy!

As lovers of fine Alpine influenced fine wines, we support small-scale producers who uphold traditional fine wine making practices. We love bringing you rare grape varieties from hidden forest vineyards and single hectare family producers.

Our suppliers are Australia’s best, hands on fine wine importers who specialise in high quality fine wines of place. So join us for some amazing fine wines!