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What’s The Best Italian Wine?


Who gets to decide what Italian wine is the best? Here at Mountain & Row, we specialise in importing the finest alpine Italian wines. 

But, at the end of the day, we think that Italian wine lovers know best, not “experts”. Thanks to the Vivino’s Wine Style Awards, wine drinkers from around the world can recommend the world’s best wines. Based on Vivino’s cumulative 120 million ratings and 40 million reviews on their wine app and website, we can see which wines are currently the top-rated wines in the world.

We have some of these World best wines right here. Explore our collection. 


Connecting You With The Best Italian Wines


We adore Italian wine, especially examples from alpine Italy, as we believe they are some of the best in the World. We have searched far and wide to find the best Italian wine, so all you have to do is enjoy!

Over the years, we have travelled to various parts of Italy, from Piedmont in the North to Sicily in the south and fostered excellent relationships with an array of winemakers and boutique wineries. 

We hope that we can introduce you to, and connect you with the wonders of great Italian wine. Our passion for the best Italian alpine wines and our years of industry experience means that we really know our wines! So we’ll only bring you the most exceptional examples we can find.


Regardless of region and specific wine style, our goal is to help Australian wine lovers discover the realms and possibilities of Italian wine. This will help to ensure that Italian winemakers and their families continue to provide us with the wine that we so love and appreciate. 

As lovers of fine Alpine influenced wines, we support small-scale producers from hidden forest vineyards and single hectare family producers. These passionate and expert winemakers have been entrusted with the century-old tradition of winemaking and we love to support them.

Our suppliers are Australia’s best, hands on importers who specialise in the best quality wines of place. So join us for some amazing Italian wine, perfect for a weekend treat or a midweek drop.