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Mountain Wine Shop Melbourne


Here at Mountain Wines wine shop Melbourne, we have an absolute passion for fine, premium wine. Our Melbourne wine shop loves fine wines which have been expertly crafted by artisan producers. Our impressive wine shop selection includes some of the most delicious grape varieties. One of our favourites is the Nebbiolo grape, Italy’s finest red grape, which is the backbone of Barolo and Barbaresco wines. Nebbiolo is grown in cool Mediterranean climate on the scenic, hilly, and terraced vineyards of the Piedmont region, bordering the European Alps.


The winemaking business is deeply human and rooted in tradition. Our producers, like true artisan winemakers everywhere, explore their terroir, experiment with new techniques while safeguarding old ones. They produce natural, bio-dynamic, and organic wines in the hardest terrain – the alpines, the mountainous regions, with its chilly fresh air and contrasting warm corridors.


Alpine winemakers are blessed with a unique, exhilarating and incredibly pure terroir. The landscape is magical, with its own alpine climate. The soil has been shaped by ancient glaciers, and the culture developed alongside the vineyards. Due to the rough terrain, human labour is often the most reliable way to make wine – machines can only do so much. Therefore, there is a strong focus
on quality over quantity at our wine shop Melbourne.


The outcome is unique interpretations of classic grapes, and some of the rarest varieties of wine styles on the planet. There is care and passion in these bottles that go beyond pure profitability. When you open a bottle and drink a glass of these wines, you’ll be transported to another time and place.


At Mountain Wines wine shop Melbourne, we strive to connect you with the best wines, painstakingly made with love by artisan producers. For us, wine, culture and the land around the wines are essential parts of our lives. Drinking wine as a lifestyle transcends trends – wine has been bringing people joy for centuries.


Wine connects producers to wine lovers around the world. Wine connects us around the dinner table. Wine connects us across generations. Wine connects us to nature, to the cycle of seasons, to the past and to the future. But the best thing of all, it’s delicious!


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Alpine wines are notable for their centuries-old grape varieties that have been kept alive by dedicated winemakers. The Italian Alpine wine regions are an incredible treasure trove of indigenous grape varietals. For example, Valtellina is home to steep vineyards, and the most provocative Nebbiolo anywhere, while Piedmont makes the most celebrated Nebbiolo. Aosto has a diversity of grapes rarely seen on a small sized territory. Alto Adige is home to the Lagrein and Traminer.


When thinking about mountain wines, envision earthy wines that have the aromas of woodland berry and underbrush. Depending on the wine, you can experience anything from camphor and hazelnut, to cherries and rose petals. Different varieties give you different mixes of fruits and earthiness – black cherries, strawberries, tobacco, and even herbs and spices like star anise and black pepper. Different expressions of the same grape variety can also give you different palates.


Even the famous Barolo take on different characteristics depending on the producer and region of production. The soil makes the greatest difference – while the Serralunga Valley has older soils high in sand, the Central Valley soil is higher in clay. The sandy soils of the Serralunga Valley produce more intense versions that require a longer ageing process. Comparatively, Barolos from the Central
Valley have softer, fruitier expressions. The different terroirs produces major variations, even before differences in winemaking is taken into account.


Beyond wine, the Mediterranean boot also has a wide variety of beers, snacks, spirits, and cocktails to offer. For beer lovers, Italian “birra” can be enjoyed with any meal, be it snack time, lunch, or supper. Italian beer and pizza are perfect together!


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We want to be your go-to online wine shop in Melbourne for all of your wine delights. 


We source our wine from prestigious regions such as Piedmont, Lombardy, Valle d’Aosta, little known local regions and Worldwide. We make it a point to support little known family owned vineyards. These small-batch vineyards bottle some of the most delectable wines that can compete with the World’s best. Our wine collection includes gems produced in intimate wineries that are sometimes just a single hectare in size.


Whether you are looking to discover new wine styles, buying a gift for a friend, or to celebrate a special occasion: Our Melbourne wine shop has you covered. We are always available if you need help in choosing the right wine for you.


Our suppliers are Australia’s best, hands on importers. We have searched far and wide to find the very best, so all you have to do is enjoy!