New Arrival Offer

Cantina dei Produttori Nebbiolo di Carema - Brilliance from the Heart of Carema DOC


Produttori di Carema's 2017 vintage has just arrived in Australia. Over the last couple of years many outsiders have purchased plots in this historic DOC but we prefer the honesty and deep tradition of this group of Caremese growers. The 2017 vintage is classic - stoney wines that are taught and declare their rocky, mountain terroir but with a fulller fruit profile than the 2016's. They are a brilliant counterpoint to Barolo, not just in style (which is so important as Barolo threatens to define this noble grape) but in price point too. Interestingly, the cost of producing a bottle in Carema can be 10 times the cost in Barolo.


The pursuit of vertical wines of purity and elegance led us to Carema years ago and it’s an understatement to say that we are proud to offer these rare wines to Mountain & Row customers. Carema is a miniature, 16 hectare DOC that assumes nothing yet offers the most singular Nebbiolo in Italy. These stunners age incredibly; try for 30+ years in the cellar, or simply drink them now - due to their finesse they work both ways.


As Mountain & Row customers, take advantage of 15% off 6 packs of these glorious wines.


Folllow this link for information on the Carema DOC