Negroni Pack & Negroni Gift Packs For Your Friends - All The Ingredients You Need For A Negroni Party!


We've put together the finest bittersweet Negroni collection and Negroni gift pack for every occasion, whether you're celebrating with friends, want to send a special Negroni gift pack to your special Negroni loving friend... there is a special Negroni gift set suitable for every Negroni lover. 


Our packs make the perfect Negroni to engage your palate. 


What’s So Great About Negroni?


Negroni is the perfect aperitif – balanced, smooth, elegant. Its popularity over the last century is proof of its deliciousness as a well-balanced drink.

According to historical records, Negroni was invented in Florence Italy in 1919, when Count Camillo Negroni ordered an Americano (sweet vermouth, Campari and club soda), but with the gin swapped in for the standard soda. Apparently Count Negroni was a rodeo clown in the American wild west, and had picked up a taste for strong liquor. It has been a popular classic ever since.

Negroni is traditionally made with equal parts Campari, sweet semi-dried vermouth and gin. This magical ratio gives you a rich and complex favour experience, making the Negroni a fan favourite of cocktail enthusiasts all over the world. Some bartenders like to play with the portions and experiment with different gins and sweet vermouths, but Campari is almost always the red bitter of choice.

However, while Campari and sweet vermouth have long been the best of friends, there are some great new combinations to try out for your next Negroni. 

For example, Meletti from Marches, Italy is a traditional aperitif that blends sweet and bitter orange, spices and herbs with pure spirit. Its bitter and refreshing taste, with citrus notes and spices makes it ideal in a Negroni. Another Campari alternative to try is the Contratto Bitter, which is made from an Italian brandy base. This aperitif has a more muted bitterness, with enticing botanical aromas. The bright red hue comes from all-natural carrot and red beetroot extracts. Another great alternative to the classic Campari is Cappelletti Rosso. This alpine Italian aperitif is mildly bitter, floral and earthy, with a dry finish. Made from aromatised white wine, Cappelletti Rosso is infused with bitter herbs, roots, flowers and spices, and mixed by hand daily.  The result is a deliciously vibrant and flavourful drink.

One of our absolute favourites in a Negroni is the Distilleria Alpe Amaro. This amaro is made from more than twenty locally grown herbs, roots and flowers from the Valle d’Aosta, in far northwest Italy. As a small family producer, the Calvetti family makes locally-inspired infusions and distillations that are enjoyed all over the world. 

Wolfrest Gin is a premium dry gin made in the Piedmont region, using 100% Italian ingredients. The juniper berries come from Umbria, the elder flower comes from Piedmont, the sweet orange come from Liguria, the bay leaf, thyme, rosemary and hazel nuts come from Langhe. 


Why We Love Our Negroni Packs


We love Negroni for its simplicity. Anyone can make a great tasting Negroni, whether it’s at home or in a fancy bar. It is almost impossible to stuff up, especially with our Negroni pack sets – the only danger is having too many!

Here at Mountain Wines, we’ve created a Next Level Negroni pack to level up your Negroni game. This Negroni pack comes with the delicious Cappelletti Americano Rosso, as well as one of alpine Italy’s most revered masters – Distilleria Alpe Amaro. We’ve also included Wolfrest Gin to get you going. 

Bitter, sweet, herbal – Cappelletti Rosso may look similar to Campari, with its deep ruby red colour. But unlike Campari, this alpine Italian aperitif is made with a wine base, infused with local herbs, spices and flowers. Its fruity flavours are lighter and sweeter than Campari, and we love mixing it with drier red vermouth and gin. It’s also happens to be delicious on its own, just sip it over ice.

The Calvetti family has been making Distilleria Alpe Amaro since 1948. This amaro is made from alpine herbs, including gentian, mint and artemisia. These master producers have made the most of their unique mountain setting to give us this bittersweet drop of utter deliciousness. It’s bottled at 38% ABV. As a bonus, the bottle is beautiful and makes for an impressive house warming gift, check out our Negroni gift packs especially made for this occasion. 

Lastly, the amazing alpine botanicals in Wolfrest Gin give it its signature roasted hazel nut scent, along with perfumes of juniper and rosemary. We’ve included Wolfrest Gin in our Negroni pack because it is an amazing example of alpine Italian gin. It is delicate but with a persistent body, smooth, round and rich. Perfect for a Negroni that’s out to impress.


Try Our Next Level Negroni Pack Or Send Some One A Gift Pack


As lovers of alpine Italian wines, spirits and aperitifs, we have searched far and wide to find the best artisan producers, so that you can enjoy a cocktail for a special occasion, or simply a midweek treat. We absolutely love bringing you rare bottles made in hidden forest vineyards and single hectare family producers. 

Our suppliers are Australia’s best, hands on importers who specialise in high quality produce of place, so you can trust your Negroni will be of the highest standard. We support small-scale, family producers who continue to uphold tradition and guard against the internationalisation of wine and alcohol production.

We’re so happy that you’re joining us on the journey of Negroni appreciation, so treat yourself to one of our Negroni packs today. Cheers!