We Are Italian Wine Importers 


Mountain Wines is an Italian wine importer. We have an absolute passion for importing Italian wine, especially alpine wine. 

Our founders and Italian wine imports team travel extensively throughout northern Italy, mostly the northwest, meeting with local family producers who craft the wines we sell in our store. Our business is borne out of love and passion for Italian wine – including all the people, culture and land that make it all possible .

Mountain Wines offer a bespoke collection of authentic and artisan fine Italian wines, imported from the best wine regions across the world. We focus on importing wine from small-scale wineries who are committed to making the highest quality natural and organic wine. 

We believe in partnering with farmers who engage in sustainable farming practices. We hold in high regard wineries that promote environmental and social awareness. All over the world, conventional, commercial vineyards tend to use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These can lead to a cycle of environmental degradation, such as soil erosion, water contamination and ecosystem disturbances.

In addition to ecological pollution, the use of powerful herbicides and chemicals can kill off good bacteria and soil microbes, which are critical inputs for flavour profiles. As the cycle continues plants produce low quality fruits, and cannot be turned into good wine. Thankfully, Italy has strict laws that restrict the use of harmful chemicals in farming. 

Ultimately, our goal is to import you the best Italian wines, made with love by people who care. We want to share the joy and pleasure of a superb glass of wine with all our customers. 

Fine Italian Wine Importers


At Mountain Wines, we import Italian grape varietals with an alpine focus – as there is a diversity in alpine wines that is a delight to explore and hard to beat. 

Nebbiolo is the most well-known Italian wine, and it comes in many forms: Barbaresco, Barolo, Gattinara, Ghemme, Roero, Sforzato, and Valtellina. Petit Rouge is the most popular red from Aosta. Pinot Blanc is the perfect wine for thinking. Alpine Pinot Grigio is simply out of this world!  

Nebbiolo is one of Italy’s most lauded grapes, and is found in the majestic Barolo and Barbaresco. Nebbiolo is a black grape which is very tannic and high in acidity. This often means that these wines are not consumed young, as they have outstanding ageing potential. 

For instance, Barolo DOCG must be aged for a minimum of three years before release. Of those 3 years, 18 months are spent in oak barrels. Our Mountain Wines store features the Alpine Nebbiolo, Valtellina Superiore DOCG and an IGT Alpi Retiche Nebbiolo.

The wines we carry on the Mountain Wines website make long journeys from Italy to Melbourne. Over the years, we have built relationships with small vineyards, such as Crotin 1897.

Crotin 1897 is an agritourism farm and winery which is situated in the village of Maretto, Asti, Piedmont. The 22-acre vineyard sits on the hills of Monferrato, and is run by Daniela and her sons. The winery mainly produces DOC wines from their organic Piemontese grape varieties.  

Wineries such as Crotin 1897 love having wine cognoscenti (connoisseurs) visit their estates and purchase wine directly from them. But given COVID-19 lockdowns, we won’t be able to visit in person for a while.  

Many of the wines we import have Italian and international rankings and can compete with the best of them. Our wine collection includes rare vintages, for instance, the $495 Castello Conti 'Il Rosso delle Donne' Boca DOC 2010 Magnum. There are only four bottles left in Melbourne of this incredible Rosso, and we have three of them. 


Italian Wine And Friends


We want to connect you with little known Italian wine regions, grapes varieties and styles that are made by dedicated artisan producers. 

We source our wine from alpine Italian regions such as Piedmont and Lombardy, and we make it a point to support small-scale family-owned vineyards. These small vineyards bottle some of the most delectable wines in the world. We’ve discovered some gems from intimate wineries that are sometimes just a single hectare in size. 

Whether you are looking to discover new wine styles, buying a gift for a friend, or to celebrate a special occasion: we’ve got you covered. Discover something new today!

Apart from Italian wine, we also import liquors, liqueurs, beers, and snacks to cover all your social and iso occasions. We’ve been having fun with cocktails at home, mixing the Distilleria Alpe Amaro with Cappelletti Rosso and some Wolfrest Gin. The Distilleria Alpe Amarois made from more than twenty locally grown herbs, roots and flowers from the Valle d’Aosta, in far northwest Italy. As a small family producer, the Calvetti family makes locally-inspired infusions and distillations that gave found appreciation around the world, including some fans in Australia!

Our suppliers are Australia’s best, hands on Italian wine importers. We have searched far and wide to find the very best in Italian wines, so all you have to do is open a bottle and enjoy.